If you intend to offer Mentor Services on the C4E Platform, you must carefully read and agree to be bound by these Mentor Policies ("Mentor Policies"). Capitalized terms (including the term "C4E") used but not defined in this Mentor Policy shall have the meanings ascribed to such terms in our End User License Agreement (EULA).

If you do not accept these Mentor Policies, you are not authorized to use the C4E Platform and are ineligible to receive any compensation from C4E for any Mentor Services you provide.

These Mentor Policies aim to promote the highest standards of Mentor behavior by establishing clear expectations and principles when providing Mentor Services and interacting with Students. C4E Mentors hail from various parts of the world and are thus accustomed to a range of diverse cultural norms. Consequently, this Mentor Policy strives to adopt universally accepted standards of respect and tolerance. Mentor Policies do not attempt to address every potential interaction between Mentors and Students on the C4E Platform, but rather, provide guiding principles for ethical and professional behavior.

1. Mentor Registration and Service Description

1.1 Mentor Registration

To become a "Mentor", you must first submit a complete application together with a copy of an officially-issued government identification document through the C4E Platform ("Mentor Application"). Your completed Mentor Application will be evaluated by C4E for approval. If your Mentor Application is approved, your member status will be changed to "Mentor", you will have the ability to create and manage a Mentor profile on the C4E Platform, and you can begin providing "Mentor Services", including offering, and providing paid lessons ("Lesson") to Students.

To the extent permitted by applicable law, C4E may obtain (i) background check reports from public records or through third-party vendors regarding matters such as criminal convictions or sex offender registrations, and/or (ii) identity verification check reports. As a condition of applying to become a Mentor, you agree and authorize us to use your personal information, such as your full name and date of birth, to obtain such reports.

1.2 Mentor Services Description

Mentors are required to create a description of their Mentor Services on the C4E Platform. Such a description of your Mentor Services must include:

  • A specific, detailed service description with clear teaching scope and Lessons.
  • Expectations that you can meet or exceed.
  • A commitment not to offer services with the intent to commit fraud, provide services other than those outlined in your description, or offer any services in exchange for positive feedback or at no cost.
  • A commitment not to promote any third-party mentoring/teaching service, platform, software, or application.

Please refrain from including any personal advertising or social media account information in your mentor services description.

2. Mentor Services Guidelines

2.1 Mentor Service Request

Upon receiving a Mentor Service request from a student, you agree to:

  • Utilize the C4E Platform to manage all Mentor Service requests from Students.
  • Promptly respond to all Mentor Services-related communications, whether from a student or from C4E.
  • Keep a record of all essential details of communications between you and the student. To clarify, communication may occur via emails, instant messages, telephone, or in-person conversations, and essential details include information related to your Mentor Services' scope, availability, pricing, feedback, schedule changes, delays, and Lesson completion.
2.2 Lesson Policy

All Mentors are expected to adhere to the following policies when providing a Lesson:

  • Honor your scheduled lesson. A confirmed Lesson represents a commitment between you and a student. Reschedule or cancel only as a last resort after communicating with your student. If you anticipate being unavailable to respond to Students, inform them and update your C4E Account profile accordingly. Provide students with a 24-hour cancellation notice and notify them promptly in emergencies.
  • Maintain records. In case of disputes between the Mentor and Student, C4E may request evidence in the form of screenshots containing relevant information.
  • Start lessons punctually and initiate contact with the student, especially first-time Students.
  • Connect with the Student on the agreed-upon communication platform well before the lesson's scheduled start time.
  • Mentors are not obligated to make up for lost time due to a student's late arrival.
  • End lessons on time by politely reminding Students of the lesson's conclusion and the need to prepare for subsequent lessons.
  • If a student misses a Lesson and requests rescheduling, the Mentor may accept or decline at their discretion.
2.3 Cancellation and Rescheduling

If you cannot provide Mentor Services at the agreed-upon time, inform the student promptly, offering an explanation. If an emergency prevented advance notice, explain as soon as possible.

With the student's consent, a Mentor may cancel or reschedule a Mentor Lesson more than 24 hours before its start time through the C4E Platform. Except in genuine emergencies, no Mentor Service may be canceled or rescheduled within 24 hours of its start time.

2.4 Payment and Feedback

After providing Mentor Services, adhere to the following:

  • Utilize the C4E Payment Service for all financial matters related to your Mentor Services.
  • Offer constructive, unbiased feedback to the student.
  • Receive monthly payments, with C4E sending a summary of sessions and total earnings. Submit an invoice to C4E to receive payment Net 30.
2.5 Additional Guidelines

Furthermore, agree to the following additional guidelines when providing Mentor Services on the C4E Platform:

  • Uphold C4E Students' privacy according to the C4E Privacy Policy, avoiding requests for personally identifiable information.
  • Protect your personal information, including details related to your Mentor Wallet (as defined in the C4E Payment Policy).
  • Retain records of all invoices and payments concerning your Mentor Services.
  • Collaborate with C4E in anti-fraud efforts and dispute resolution.
  • Report any violations of the C4E End User License Agreement (EULA) or other C4E Policies, including ratings and feedback misuse.
  • If you are the instructor of record at an institution offering the Applied Music program, where you are both an instructor of record and a mentor, there is a potential conflict of interest. You should work with your institution to resolve this issue.

3. Service Standards

3.1 Cultural Sensitivity

Demonstrate respect for students' values and traditions. Refrain from inquiring about the following topics, unless specifically requested by the student:

  • Personal life, such as marital status or romantic relationships.
  • Political affiliations, including support for specific parties or ideologies.
  • Religious affiliations, beliefs, or identification with specific religious groups.
3.2 Patience and Politeness

Given the diverse backgrounds and varying abilities of students, exercise patience and politeness. Offer assistance with learning difficulties and maintain an encouraging demeanor.

  • Avoid berating, yelling, or insulting students; refrain from derogatory remarks about their abilities.
  • Employ respectful language and professional courtesy in interactions with students.
  • Maintain composure and seek assistance from C4E customer service or direct the student to contact C4E customer service for issue resolution if necessary.
3.3 Professionalism

Mentors are expected to proactively communicate with and manage Students, providing Mentor Services professionally, which encompasses:

  • Responsiveness: Promptly reply to messages from Students. Upon receiving a Mentor Service request, respond within 48 hours or before the proposed start time (whichever comes first). Though the C4E Platform sends notifications, check your C4E Account at least twice daily for messages and requests.
  • Personal information privacy, including details related to your Mentor Wallet (as defined in the C4E Payment Policy).
  • Student privacy: Do not record audio or video of a student without prior written or recorded consent.
  • Focused instruction: Students engage your services for instrument instruction.
  • Accurate and respectful feedback: C4E offers a feedback and rating system for students to express their opinions on Mentor instruction quality. C4E does not monitor, censor, or investigate feedback and ratings unless an issue is reported. If you believe a student's feedback or rating is inappropriate, false, or violates C4E Terms or Policies, contact C4E customer service.

4. Breach of Mentor Policy

Mentors are expected to provide services in a manner that adheres to the teaching standards outlined herein and consistently ensures high levels of student satisfaction. Breaching this Mentor Policy may occur if you:

  • Fail to deliver a Mentor Service for which payment has been accepted.
  • Neglect to make reasonable efforts to resolve a dispute with a student.
  • Cause unacceptable levels of student dissatisfaction.
  • Violate any C4E Terms or other C4E Policies.

In case of breach of this Mentor Policy, C4E reserves the right to take any of the following actions at its sole discretion:

  • Cancel listed Mentor Services.
  • Restrict Mentor Account privileges.
  • Suspend or terminate a Mentor Account.
  • Contact law enforcement or pursue legal remedies.

5. Mentor Content

The provisions in this section concerning Mentor Content apply to all Mentors providing services on the C4E Platform, in conjunction with the terms of Section 10 (Member Content) of the C4E End User License Agreement (EULA).

5.1 Ownership of Mentor Content

Any articles, videos, or other materials used in your Mentor Services or submitted to the C4E Platform in connection with your Mentor Services, such as your introduction video (collectively, "Mentor Content"), are considered Member Content. Consequently, under this section and Section 10 (Member Content) of the C4E End User License Agreement (EULA), you retain the copyright to your Mentor Content, and C4E does not claim ownership rights in any Mentor Content.

5.2 License to Mentor Content for Students

You grant each Student who purchases your Mentor Services the right to use and view your Mentor Content, which you employ in providing your Mentor Services to that Student, solely for personal and non-commercial educational purposes.

5.3 C4E License to Mentor Content

In addition to the license you grant to C4E for using, viewing, copying, modifying, distributing, publishing, and otherwise exploiting your Member Content (including your Mentor Content) as per the C4E End User License Agreement (EULA), you grant C4E a license to use your Mentor Content (including your introduction video) and information about your Mentor Services for marketing, advertising, and promoting the C4E Platform in any medium. To avoid doubt, C4E may publish your introduction video on C4E’s official channels on third-party video hosting and streaming services, such as YouTube and Vimeo. Upon receiving a written request from a Mentor, C4E will remove any Mentor introduction videos from its official channels on third-party video hosting and streaming services. You also grant C4E the right to use your profile name in marketing, advertising, and promoting the C4E Platform.

In addition to complying with the restrictions regarding the improper use of the C4E Platform as per the C4E End User License Agreement (EULA), you agree not to aid, encourage, or enable Students or other Mentors to:

  • Provide or post false, misleading, inaccurate, or plagiarized information on the C4E Platform, including in your Mentor profile, course content, lesson history, and feedback.
  • Fail to establish or maintain your C4E Mentor profile with complete, accurate, and up-to-date information.
  • Offer your Mentor Services for free or in exchange for positive feedback or ratings from Students.
  • Provide your Mentor Service, including offering and conducting Lessons, to any "fake" Students that use C4E Accounts created by yourself or any third party to inflate your lesson counts and ratings in bad faith.
  • Forge or alter your educational background, curriculum vitae, work experience, or certificates.
  • Advertise or promote third-party instrument learning services.
  • Encourage or allow Students to work with you outside the C4E Platform or accept payment outside the C4E Platform. If a student requests you to provide Mentor Services outside the C4E Platform, remind the student that lessons must be scheduled and paid for through the C4E Platform. You can report the student or contact C4E customer support.

If you breach the prohibitions in this section, C4E reserves the right to immediately suspend or deactivate your C4E Account. C4E also reserves the right to confiscate any earned C4E Credits (as defined in the C4E Payment Policy), and you may lose access to your lesson and teaching history on the C4E Platform. If you suspect others have violated these prohibitions or are unsure whether specific actions would breach these prohibitions, please contact C4E customer support immediately.

6. Contacting Customer Service

If you wish to report a violation of this Mentor Policy, C4E End User License Agreement (EULA), or any other C4E Policy, or need assistance, please reach out to C4E Customer Service through the following means:

Connect For Education, Inc. 620
Herndon Parkway, Suite 200
Herndon, VA 20170