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Key Features of C4E Studio

Professional Mentors: C4E Studio mentors are accomplished professionals and community artists with extensive musical and teaching expertise. 

Affordable One-on-One Online Mentoring: C4E Studio offers affordable one-on-one online mentoring sessions, creating a personalized learning experience for students. 

Low Latency and Superior Audio Quality with JackTrip: Music Mentors and students can now play in perfect sync with virtually no latency. Check out our video here

Mentors In Applied Music Course

The Applied Music program gives music major and non-major college students access to mentors that would otherwise not be available to them and that can help them reach their goals at higher education institutions.

The program also includes a customizable, curated, and structured curriculum in performance techniques, practice routines, repertoire, music fundamentals, and much more. The C4E Applied courses are built for sequential study using repertoire materials from the ABRSM. This leveled approach helps students, with the support of a mentor, set goals and evaluate progress as they work asynchronously through the course.

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Connect For Education is CA-AZ certified and has full accreditation from WASC.